The Reel Keen Powerchair Fishing Rod Holder

Reel Keen Powerchair fishing rod holder

See how you can turn your powerchair into a game chair in just minutes.

The rod holder from Reel Keen Powerchair Fishing is a specialized piece of equipment built to last and is designed in Australia by a keen powerchair fisherman.

It’s made from stainless steel and when you combine that with a simple and sturdy construction you have a rod holder that not only gives you freedom, but a tool that will resist the elements and last for years.

The Reel Keen Powerchair Fishing Rod Holder makes trolling home easy.

It also allows you to strike at the fish with ease and removes any fear you might have of dropping the fishing rod.

Making Powerchair Fishing Easy.

The Reel Keen Powerchair Fishing rod holder is made up of 3 parts:

  • The base plate (1)
  • The rod Holder (2)
  • The rod adaptor (3) 

The base plate (1) is designed to go under the cushion on your powerchair and then the rod holder can be attached and adjusted easily. For those of you who wish to chase larger fish a sheet of velcro is supplied to secure your rod holder firmly to the seat of your powerchair. Your weight and the velcro, if it’s been added, will then keep the base plate firmly in place.

The rod holder (2) slips down into the base plate and is secured by the hand knob. It is easily adjusted to suit your fishing requirements. The top portion is hinged at the rear to allow you to strike at the fish. This arm also has four holes … three to allow adjustment of the rod adapter and one smaller hole to hold the quick release pin when not in use.

The rod adaptor (3) is completely detachable from the rod holder and you will find that you will need one for each of your rods. You attach the adaptor to your rod with the two hose clamps that are provided. The rod butt is then shortened to a length that suits you. A butt cap can then be added to make it neat and safe. Then the adaptor is slipped onto the arm on top of the Rod Holder (2) and secured with the quick release pin. When that’s done you’re ready to go powerchair fishing.

When everything is locked in place you have a rod holder that will give you the freedom to fish!

“Turn your powerchair into a gamechair in just minutes”

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Please note that stainless steel is not stain proof and your Reel Keen Powerchair Fishing Rod Holder will become marked over time.

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Reel Keen rod holder for wheelchair fishers

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