Powerchair Photography






Camera Stand

Reel Keen Powerchair Photography Camera Stand is designed to make taking photos easy. Secured firmly to the seat of your Powerchair by a large piece of velcro the camera stand then can be adjusted up or down to a height that suits you. Once secured the base plate can be left attached to the chair until next time making setting up easy. When your finished just loosen the hand knob and remove the main part of the camera stand, It’s as easy as that.


When you receive your camera stand you will need to attach a Tripod head. You may already have one or you will need to purchase one that suits you. There are many on the market so look for one that is secured by a 3/8 attachment. Provided is a 3/8 bolt and spring washer to make attaching the Tripod head easy.




“Turn your Powerchair into a game chair in just minutes”


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